RFU Scotland response to Fire Service reform

September 9, 2011

National News

Following Scottish Government’s announcement on their plans to introduce a single Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the Retained Firefighters' Union (RFU) are disappointed that the professional views of the fire and rescue service, representative bodies, the outcome of consultation and the opposition of local government have all been ignored, but accept that a political decision has now been made.
Whilst we have agreed that change within the Fire & Rescue service was needed, our preferred option was that of a regional model. The formation of a single Scottish Fire & Rescue service raises questions not only for our members, but the Fire & Rescue service as a whole.
The RFU has been represented during discussions on reform and we will continue to engage with Ministers and other stakeholders throughout the development of the single service model.
A reduction in the number of firefighters remains a strong possibility as does a reduction in the number of 999 Emergency Control rooms and a reduction in corporate staff,  that have direct impact on firefighter safety, front line services and ultimately, our emergency response to the public.
We all have a duty to the our members and the population of Scotland to ensure that the new Service improves rather than reduces the already high standards of fire cover and emergency response.
We will continue to work closely with Government , CFOA(S) and other stakeholders to ensure a smooth and flawless transition to the single service.

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