PTW settlement: Impending dispatch of RFU offer letters

May 1, 2012

Local News

Further to our earlier circulars on this matter, the RFU is pleased to be able to confirm that offers of compensation payments will be sent out on 14 May 2012.

We appreciate that there has been a delay in the issue of these offers, and we are grateful to members for their patience. The reason that FBU letters were issued first is that the RFU spent additional time in settlement negotiations obtaining greater protection for its members by way of an express agreement from the Employers that they would not, of their own accord, claw back any bounty payments as a result of this compensation payment.

The offer letter will provide full details of the amount of the offer, the reasons for it, and what you should do next, and it is vitally important that members ensure that they comply with the agreed timescales by providing all the information required and then returning it in the freepost envelope provided to Popularis.

Further details about the settlement can be found in our Briefing Note 03/11, which attaches the Settlement Agreement.

Tax/National Insurance

Paragraph 5 of the Settlement Agreement makes reference to compensation payments not being subject to tax or NI. We are aware that HMRC has a different view. However this is a matter between FRAs and HMRC. Members will be aware from our own settlement circular Briefing Note 03/11 that a key component of the RFU settlement was that

    The Compensation Payment will be made without deduction of tax or national insurance contributions and is not pensionable.

We can again confirm that this is still the case. The expectation is that FRAs will deal with this issue by grossing up payments to individuals in order to ensure that after tax and National Insurance deductions you will still receive the full amount of your settlement payment.

There are a number of eligible employees who are not members of either the FBU or the RFU who will also be receiving offers. We strongly recommend that RFU members advise their colleagues who are not RFU members of the support available to them during this process if they now join the RFU.

No Letter?

Assuming you are eligible under the terms of the Agreement to receive an offer but have not done so within 2 weeks of the dispatch date (and you know that your work colleagues have), please contact your Fire and Rescue Service HR Dept as soon as possible and ask if they have submitted an offer to Popularis in your name. It is their responsibility to make sure an offer has been sent to Popularis for all eligible employees/ex-employees, and if they have not sent one, they need to do so as soon as possible.

You must confirm with your HR dept that the following details are correct:

    Your full name including middle names;
    Your brigade employee number;
    Your national insurance number;
    The station you currently serve at; and
    Your current home address.

The FRA will then advise Popularis of any changes to your details to match eligible members with an offer. In addition it would be helpful if members contact RFU HQ via email or by telephone on 01953 455005 to provide us with these details so that we can assist you in obtaining an offer.


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