About Us

The Retained Firefighters' Union (RFU) is an independent trade union in accordance with the Trade Union & Labour Relations Act 1992.
We have no political affiliation and therefore all monies from union subscriptions are ploughed back into maintaining a first class value for money service which protects our members 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
The RFU was formed in 1976 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Our aims are to serve our members, manage their expectations, and provide national and local representation, provide general support and advice on any issue relating to their fire service duties including primary employment. We also provide free access to legal services on employment law and personal injury claims.
Primarily we only represent fire service personnel who have a Retained Duty System (RDS) contract which ensures that we as a union have no conflicts of interests. In addition we have recently opened up our membership to Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) technicians irrespective of whether they undertake RDS duties or not.
While we reserve the right to undertake industrial action as an action of last resort, we refuse to use strike action as a means of progressing our arguments. Our members provide an emergency service in the same community in which they live and/or work which renders it impossible to take strike action against those who hold them in high regard and are also their own friends, family and neighbours.
Too often we witness comments from others that “we are on strike to save lives” which is a very confusing statement.
Who looks after the vulnerable in the meantime…… The RFU.

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